Madison Jennifer Beatty

Chief of Security, Supermodel

BookHound, professional herder, ankle nipper, control-freak, mama's girl, silent barker, truck-drivin' gal

Milo Michael Beatty

CEO, Male Model

BookHound, deep thinker, dedicated tooth-polisher, canine trash talker, mama's boy, vocabularian, aristocrat

Robin Beatty

Owner... of two dogs

Compulsive book-buyer, ID fan, traveler, publicist, idea person, scheduler, private investigator, fear conqueror

Don Beverage

Store Manager

Book-buyer, record guy, rule enforcer, problem solver, out-of-town purchases, cat owner, music mixologist

Jacob Burich

Assistant Manager

Mark Carpenter

Loves to read, is a great fan of printing, artist, tinkerer and occasional Luddite

Daniel Ware

Music lover, history buff, Eliane Radique fan, New Edition fan, Aquarius, dimatoid

Jazmin Duff

Adventurer, dreamer, cat lover, bookworm, studies Japanese language and culture, Spanish speaker, dragon hunter


T: 661-589-8087


Visit:  2622 Fairhaven,

Bakersfield, CA 93308

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